Would anyone be interested if I put up a spreadsheet of grade tracking for mocks?

Wouldn’t be fancy – just a spreadsheet we could give access to all candidates to input grades. Gives you a barometer if where you stand. I’m thinking of breaking them down by mocks, or atleast the ones that most use. Would anyone care to see something like this?

It would be interesting for me. For example now I’m miserable with my scores on Schweser Volume 2 Exam 2. If other candidates score low on it maybe it’s just harder than the previous ones. I’m not sure though how many people will input their grades given the fact that here on AF L2 the active members are around 10.

That’s a pretty good point – not sure if it’ll be discouraging for some folks if others are doing better and deterring them from inputting their scores. There’s no need to put in your name, so it can be done in anonymously if they wanted to. Might prove to bias all the grades upward though if the only one’s entering are the ones with decent mocks.

Either way, it’s worth a shot. I created something quick with various Schweser / CFAI mocks. You can input your grades / add new exams if you have them.

Once you add your grades the aveages should update accordingly. If you add in new exams, you’ll need to add the math logic to do the averages, obviously. Let me know what you think:


Those are some nice looking scores. Ill add mine when I finish mock 5 pm

Your scores are wonderful, Mosstastic, congratulations :)! For me it’s motivating to see that other people are scoring good, because:

  1. after all the exam is a competion;

  2. such people show it can be done, you just need to put additional effort.

I’ll insert my scores right now, at least they are not as frightening as yours and more members can join the club :slight_smile:

Thanks Gebura, it’s been a long time studying, but I still have work left to do. If more candidates start jumping into the idea of loading their scores, we can possibly refine it a bit so it can be broken down by section with regards to the Topical Assements, that would really let you know your weak areas versus other candidates

Ah, this old thing! Thanks for picking up my slack, Mosstastic (and nice scores). I’ll have some topic-based scores if the CFAI website starts to work again…

Feel free to add some sheets to the spreadsheet relating to Topic scores, that might be really helpful. I went and added some statistics to the page. Avg, Median, Min/Max, and StdDev. I can see a lot of people checking it out, and not adding scores, so it might not prove as helpful as I first thought

The upshot of the upward bias is this-- even if only “top” performers put their information in, you know you’re in good shape when you’re hanging with them…

Mosstatic, C5 and C6, strong performers!

man… those are some great looking scores, I’m so jelly.

What are you guys doing/have been doing to achieve those scores? I can barely recall much of my knowledge after finishing all the EOCs. I wonder if the lack of qbank is what is hurting me…I used it last year for level 1 and it helped a lot, but this time I’m only doing EOCs + schwesar mocks + CFAI mock.

I haven’t really used QBank all that much, I don’t really like it since it’s not really in vignette style. I have just constantly been doing mocks, but before that I read through all of the CFAI Blue Boxes, and did all of the CFAI EOC.

Even with all that I seem to be struggling with the Topic Based practice tests online

Thanks Mosstastic ! I only did 2015 CFAI mocks, will add scores for Schweser ones this week. I should have done Schweser ones before attempting the real mocks …sigh…

Glad to see I wasn’t the only one who got raped on CFA AM. Seriously, that was ridiculously hard!

C6 heart

Good job. This is great. Is the CFA mock for 2014 skewed high cause it’s similar to 2015 (Same questions)?

There are some repeat item sets from 2014 if you’ve already done the Topic Assesments online. I think I remember at least 1 or 2 coming directly from there. Other than that, I just found it noticeably easier than 2015. I am not sure why, but the difficulty wasn’t even close.

I also took 2014 most recently, and 2015 about 2 weeks ago, so that can be said too

Has somebody tried 2014 March exam?

When i look at these grades I remind myself that the folks on this forum tend to be pushing alot harder than a good amount of the level II candidates out there. I really hope so because some of these grades are rediculous…

I did the AM today. Most of sets are overlapped with topical assessments on the CFAI websites. I still did them because I wanted to know if I made same mistakes.