WTF is the hashtag dude

Some points of interest:

  1. This guy has been a member for 2 weeks and five days yet he managed to get around 209 points.He either hashtagged his way in CFA section or made all these points in WC.
  2. He is trying to be funny and weird,although thats about someones characteristics but since this forum is dedicated to finance and investments a guy just hashtagging without adding anything of value is some what strange.
  3. Even if he does not subtract value the way this guy is carrying himself and presenting his posts makes path for other people trolling the site.I seriously dont mind conroversial topics as long as they add value or add to a persons maturity but this is not the case.

I seriously dont think this guy needs to banned but has to explain his rather weird behavior.He clearly thrives for attention

And this is different how from the other wierd members of the Water Cooler?

Ban! yes

Do these weirdos that troll this site actually work in high finance? Or are they bank tellers?

Some of you guys really seem to have a lot of time.

Just value the postings based on the usefulness, not on job of the poster. If I don´t like to read something, I skip it. If I personally feel offended by a whole thread, I don´t read it. Just if somebody insults others or discriminates against somebody, he/she should be banned.

Gabe, you suck. Wtf is this shit you are writing.

Naw, Gabe is spot on.

Just ban hashboy now, once he goes postal you’ll have to ban him later anyhow.

When trolls begin complaining you know you’ve trolled successfully.

hashtag has an interesting enemies list. If I just had to judge this dude (confirmed) by the people that hate him, he’s good in my book.

I nominate #hastag for best new AF member.

Hashtag annoyed me at first, but I’m starting to revise my opinion of him/her lately. I’m glad I gave them the benefit of the doubt.

Some of it is just learning which hastags work and which don’t.

Nobody hates hashtag, they just point out it is a serous WTF. How anyone can think this behavior is normal…that’s the weird part.

@Purealpha-I actually like hashtag,but he has a weird way of communicating

Wait, has he ever written a full sentence? I don’t understand how people are saying they like a person on a forum where we write, if the person has never written anything??

I don’t feel strongly either way about the guy. However, starting threads like this is creepy and shows you either have an erection for the guy or want to wear his skin and thus “become him”.

Goodbye Horssssses

Ohai is kinda on a roll, even without the use of hashtags!


Hey guys- my name is [xxxxx] but I’ve chosen the handle, #hashtag. As a long-time lurker – maybe even another AFer from the past – I’ve read a number of long-winded posts that seem to ramble on and on. But think OP’s perspective could’ve been delivered in a much more abbreviated manner.

With that in mind, I wanted to trim the fat from my own posts and get straight to the point with crisp and concise comments. Some are (kinda) witty, others have no substance, a few have connotations or undertones, and there are a handful of tasteless ones, too. I’m not trying to win a prize or a popularity contest – just dishing out what’s on my mind after reading some of these threads. That’s it.


p.s. 38 y/o male, 6’4", married with children, CFA Charterholder, well-educated, agnostic, 50% American + 50% Aussie, and as Alphie would say, “a blue-eyed devil”.

it’s another reason to short twitter.

twitter turns normal folks into wierd stalkey types. no wonder the company is struggling to find it’s direction.

$20/share values the company at $15bio which is still way too much. No brainer for me.

(jan2016 puts $20 strike 30c)

@Hashtag-You are a funny one