WTF is the hashtag dude




I’m confused as to why that post was copy and pasted.


Putin context?? In Soviet Russia, Context Putins you!

Speaking of soviet russia has anybody been to any commi country/state before overthrowing the goverment ?



That would be stupid.

I always wait until after I’ve overthrown the government before visiting (former) communist countries.

^Did you use warheads in your overthrow ?

I frequently visit a socialist country (no, not the US all you tea party folks), but have no intentions of overthrowing the government there.

^Socialsm is not fun,waiting in the line for 2 hours in the freezing cold to get your monthly vodka ration in a bucket sounds more fun.I read somewhere there were many people who drank their weekly/monthly allowance on the spot they recieved it in some of those soviet blocks

Europe is still the place to go for some red heat.

Yeay, seems to be true. I don’t tweet, or hashtag, it’s the path of darkness.

But we have now determined that Hashdork can in fact write an intelligent complete sentence, so there’s that.

Plenty of people go to China. I was there in 1982 for a few weeks, when it was really communist.

I was briefly behind the iron curtain when it was still the iron curtain. Nothing all that exciting. It was Bulgaria. I was also in Yugoslavia when it was still Yugoslavia. I was pretty young then, so the memories are mostly faded.

More recently was in China and Vietnam.

it’s a theme account. like in reddit, but with a much smaller audience

it’s worth less than half of whatsapp ($19b) so somewhere between $10b and myspace ($580m)

^ Not sure how relevant that is without ARPUs.