WTF is the hashtag dude


You can talk?

you lost my sympathy

the hashtag dude is awesome.



those puts are now 77c. not sure if they’ll pick up any delta before expiration, but for now I’m still holding out…

Check this out…from my favorite forum on AF:

More like vicky_uncool. Amirite?

I’d bet money Hashtag is the former AF poster, “tozerrt”. #JustAHunch

folks got thin skin around here, amiright

I’ll take the other side of that bet.


i like hashtag dude I’m half Aussie as well but it hurts me to hear you’re agnostic (admittedly) - well how educated are you - science / what fields / quant etc

can we please get a list of all current and former handles

You both have a disdain for a specific poster and have made other very similar statements (“half of you will fail” being one). Posts from Tozerrt were helpful in prep for Level III this spring, so thanks. Appreciated.

Hey Tommy,

Still floating around, though rarely posting anymore. When I passed in 2014, felt like I should give something back to the AF community by posting some tips here and there to help the next generation – just as those did before me. Glad to hear you got something out of it.

Admittedly I was a bit shocked to learn that Vicky had passed, but it only proves how important hard work and smart study is in prepping up for L3. On that note, I’ll say good for him. (Don’t know what happened to Cleo, though.)

And congrats for clearing L3 and earning the Charter for yourself, as well, Tommy. Well done.