Rock is injured …otherwise rock vs brock was scheduled for wm 30.

Yo, you guys actually follow this garbage in India?

From our chilhoods rock,hbk,taker,hhh are our fantacy role models.

I used to watch wrestling when I was a kid. It sucks that half the guys from the late 80’s, early 90’s are now dead from too much roids.

No love for Stone Cold or Mick Foley?

I was a big fan of WWE during the Attitude Era, and on into the early 2000’s. Watched it a little bit a few years ago too, but not for very long. It just wasn’t the same.

Personally HBK is my favorite.In India every kid knows rock and undertaker regardless of the fact whether they watch WWE or not.Stone cold is famous too but no as popular as rock and taker.

During 90’s Taker enjoyed un matched popularity in India.In a movie released during the 90’s Bollywood Mega star Akshay kumar even took a fight with a Taker look alike.This movie became a big hit during 90’s.Mick was never popular in India.

Fight starts at 1.50 smiley


I opened this thread expecting a 20 page original post by rahul.

It’s good to see that the concept of copyright and trademarks, which govern the use of character images and likenesses, is alive and well in India.

^Oh, get off your high horse.

What did you expect from the country that gave us isildurr?


Know your role and shut your mouth jabroni.

India is no friend of intellectual property.

That was the golden era of wrestling. The Attitude era on one side, and the nWo on the other. Who said competition was bad?

^Yeah, but WCW got real stale. Every single Monday Nitro was the same. In the end, you knew NWO White would break out in a melee against NWO Red. There was only one legit WCW guy (Goldberg), and the LWO was one of the lamest stables ever. Same shit, different diaper.

Then, after the Fingerpoke of Doom, I just couldn’t stand it anymore. Yes, I was actually one of those who changed the channel to watch Mankind win the world title. And I don’t think I ever watched Monday Nitro again. I might have switched to it during WWE commercials, but I never “followed” it anymore.

According the Vinnie Mac himself, his federation came real close from closing shop in 1996. WCW forced them to reinvent themselves.

^ there were a few lean years in there when wcw grabbed a lot of big names. The wwf did a great job of shifting gears. I always liked ECW the best. The Sandman and Raven!

I’m not sure there has ever been greater absolute trash produced for TV in all of history.

I loved ECW. The Sandman, RVD, Taz - they all were great. Even the girls were hotter in ECW vs WWE.

Is it still any good?

I saw it recently and all the characters were so damn stale. CM Punk has about as much charisma as a fish.

They’ll never emulate their golden days. Best match ever?

Hardy boys vs Dudley boyz vs Edge and Christian summerslam TLC.

Edit: Apparently it was Wrestlemania.


No match comes close. The sphere from the top of the ladder. Madness