Yo Birdman! Let's Debate Open Mindedness

How do I discredit myself by posting about starseeds? This is a widely known phenomenon and not very controversial if you think about it.

So long as this remains a conversation around how to be open-minded, I’ll keep it open. If this turns specifically into whacky ass theories, I’ll lock it.

I think a lot of the times when people say they want others to be open minded, what they really mean is they want other people to take on their ideas. Here, you may enjoy these comics.





You are all figments of my imagination. Accept this reality.

You sound like the hardcore solipsist, Darth Ruin!


I mean, has anyone ever changed anyone else’s views on abortion or religion.

That’s rhetorical. The answer is no.

Turd are you open to butt stuff? How do you know you won’t like it?

my view changes depending on the company. lol, but for the most part, 0 shits given on either.

butt stuff is the devils playground. Used in sex magic, dark occult ritual, negative polarity. Bad stuff.

c’mon, there are books written about people changing from both …

How do you know butt stuff is used in sex magic??

STL - pls report back if sex magic is on the menu at hedonism II

Let’s back up for a second, what exactly is sex magic? I thought given my decades of intensive due diligence on the subject I knew everything about sex, but I guess I’m wrong.

^you don’t want to know. it’s a central part of satanic ritual and usually involves small children.

why does everything you conspiracy people talk about involve groups of adults, sex, and children?

cuz we don’t bury our heads in the sand and pretend objective reality doesn’t exist.

Sex magic is when the guy gives you something to drink, and then without knowing it, suddenly you have had sex. We’ve all been there.

Not true. The Republican Party changed DJT’s stance on abortion.

sex magic is just regular sex

now you see it … now you don’t! it’s magic

similatly, charlie thinks sleep is a magical place that takes you literally to different worlds

Charlie, they feel like sandbags #amirite6

The answer is yes.

I changed my mind on religion last year. The “new conservatives” (Peterson, Bannon, Milo, etc) put forth a logical analysis on how religion (though factually false in its claims) can still be a net positive for homo sapien societies. Plus they brought up the point that religion has a biological basis (sapiens are cultists), so you can’t do away with it anyhow. Attempting to do away with it, only leads to more dangerous cults forming (which are not time-tested).

Their ideas held up to logical scrutiny, and fit my own observations. The atheists/leftists had no good counter-response (Dawkins in particular doesn’t seem to grasp these points). So I changed my mind. That’s open mindedness!