Anybody do yoga here? I’m planning on getting into this, as I’m essentially immobile. Do I need to buy tight, skimpy pants?

I doubt anyone on this forum does yoga.

I haven’t in a while but I did it for several months about five years ago. It’s pretty damn tough when you start out. If you don’t have good core strength to begin with, you’re going to be sore for days. But, after a couple a weeks, once you learn to balance properly, it’s pretty fun. I stopped because I just didn’t have time, but I liked it. Good scenery too.

I did almost 20 years ago.I have been getting up to level 2 (from asana to meditation) and then changed the way of life and neglected. However, yoga is a good thing for relaxation, overall health and peace of mind.

When i was competing in combat sports, i would do bikram yoga at least once a week.

Now, maybe once a qtr if i can sneak my way into a class. Honestly, go there for the women but don’t discount the benefits it brings such as increased flexiblity, better posture, better breathing routes etc.

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Doin’ yoga errection is better as well…

Going to start. Girl/guy ratio is highly favourable but is decreasing rapidly. Get in before it’s too late.

It was such a good experience for me about twenty with all those girls and MILFs streched around me…


For that you need to think creatively… Not yoga anymore

Spinning classes are the way forward in terms of “hot chick scenery”…I go once a week and out of 50, 40 are female and about 20 of them are at least 8/10s. Makes a nice change from sparring, dodging punches and triangle chokes.

You should get some of these


That is one option, sure

I did yoga for a couple of years and then fell out of it because of logisitics of getting to the class. You can also do it at home, but it’s not as enjoyable, easy to start doing things wrong, and hard to keep up especially in cramped NYC apartment. You do Warrior 2 and knock over a lamp or something - it’s frustrating.

The scenery is definitely nice motivation to keep going.

As to the OP’s question, I tended to do yoga in biking shorts and a triathlon jersey. I didn’t like the feel of loose trousers, and my junk would kinda fall through regular gym shorts in some of those positions, and changing underwear didn’t seem to help. So bike shorts worked best for me.

I would like to get started in yoga again, but am fearful to discover just how far I’ve regressed on my bacon cheesburger diet.

Zumba? Pole dancing fitness?

so many benefits to yoga, great for mind, body & spirit. It’s also great if you lift bro and want to accelerate your gainz . I do 10 min of vinyasas before and after every workout. Really helps you focus up before and come down from the cortisol rush from an intense workout afterwards. Also it obviously helps with flexibility/mobility which is important for lifting gainz. I also drop in on a class once a week or two.

Do yourself a favor and start asap.

No tight stuffs for yoga… My yoga master prefers loose cloths and he asks me to wear cotton. (The reason wasnt very convincing but I follow it anyway). Loose cotton cloths are the best according to him. Learn some pranayamas as well along, its been life changing experience for me. Good luck.

If you are going to start with yoga, I suggest you try a beginners pilates class too. It will help with your flexibility and core strength. It’s great if you have any back problems. They are complementary, so you can do yoga and pilates or just keep going back to the one you prefer.

This is a very good post. For most of us guys, at some point we’ll experience lower back pain. Core strength is where it’s at. I learned a few years ago that my gigantic biceps don’t help prevent lower back problems and got laid up for a couple days.

Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy lifting (in a pedestrian sort of way) but to stay healthy and avoid injury it’s all about your core.

One thing I’ve never really gotten into, and really just because it scares the crap out of me, is deadlifts. I need to start but I’m 99% sure I’ll seriously injure myself.