You guys surf facebook? how often?

rarely. once a month?

some people post some really bizarre stuff. a close friend of mine from way back when posted shit about how the earth is flat.

Only when I use my wife’s profile to check out bikini pics of her friends. And, contrary to what many may think, that’s only a twice a year thing.

Surf once to twice a day, for about 1 min each time. Post never. I “un-follow” a lot of “friends” that post a lot of weird sh*t (aka people I don’t really know that well, who post weird stuff that I don’t have the balls to unfriend).


I don’t Facebook. Never have, never will.

Deleted FB about a year ago. Don’t miss it one bit.

once every other day? good to keep track of family and friends around the world. also makes it really easy to contact ppl who you otherwise might not have updated details for

I use it once every three days by checking my notifications. I don’t look at the news feed, but I’ve started experimenting with joining Facebook groups on topics to have a source of discussion to read. Still prefer reddit at this point

usually when someone messages me that i dont want them to have my number. Occasionally log in to get notification of concerts i may be interested in stuff like that.

haha its nice to see the facebook fights though. its very comical.

also the why does everyone hate me posts? those are great too. lol

I was like these dudes but ever since I’ve been travelling it’s so so useful. Plus if you ask a girl for their number these days some of them shut down but everyone will give their fbook.

Zuckerberg is a diabolical genius. I keep my friends lesser than 30 always though and everything is very very private. When I go home I imagine I’ll delete it as well or deactivate since you can never delete your account.

Prolly the obnoxious patriotism grounded in a false sense of history and absolute aversion to change :wink:

yea i’ve gotten that before. chick only wanted to give her fb, but not her number. very odd. i actually dont like to give my fb, cuz then they might actually meet other ppl in my life. lol

I posted a ton before the election to make sure I was doing my part to MAGA. Haven’t been on much since.

Its honestly bizarre. I suppose giving their facebook implies less commitment than giving their number.

I just delete them after a week if its going nowhere

why is a number more personal? i actually prefer snapchat. but i get their number to get their snapchat. but oddly enough, if when i get their number, they pop up on people i should add as a friend on fb.

quit FB 6 years ago at age 24. its a cesspool. was only cool when it first came out and you needed a University email address allowing you to chat with some girls the summer before freshman year of college

Big brother is watching

It’s bad. This week is all about deep philisophical analysis and pontification on not standing for the flag. :confused:

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a couple times a day for a minute to check notifications and do any messaging if necessary. getting bored with that though. i am thinking only following a handful of people and using it for groups and messaging only, never really having to actually launch the app and check it. the news feed is getting worse and worse to the point where 90% of the news feed is stuff i care nothing about.

i think the FB short is nearing.