You know there are 12 days left when.....

…writing “THE RISKS OF INTERNATIONAL ASS” on a flash card is the most fun you have had in weeks.


…I figured out a subject I couldn’t understand in my dreams. Woke up then wrote down in notebook.

Just plain sad…

Dude, that is brilliant.

I’m going through notecard lists in my dreams, ugh

You know there are 12 days left when you haven’t had a single drink throughout memorial day weekend

when you haven’t gotten laid in 2 months

when you qualify facebook chats as social interaction

when the only thing keeping you in your chair is the fact that you never want to do this again

^Jesus man you need to get out…

I just went on a 2 hour walk with my wife and grabbed lunch/coffee.

Amen. Took the 2010 exam this morning, just treated myself to a blanton’s old fashioned and getting ready to make another since I scored a 76%. Then, frying walleye for dinner and going on a kayak ride on the lake for the evening.

^ where do you live??

Indeed, the idea of never going through this again, stimulates me the most.

Midwest/southern illinois

Confused with 1 question of Mink Mock case. Maybe you could solve with your dreams? :slight_smile: Thanks!

…when your dog gets upset with you every night for not going to sleep like normal people, leaves you and goes to sleep in another room when the dog has separation anxiety.

And now, she’s at a Pet Resort without you://

…if I dream about the exam instead of … *arg

I dreamed that my I had to make my own IPS with shortfall risks etc…

…this is just sad

is *arg German for something? lol

Had a guy friend say he had a dream about me.

I said, “was it good?”

He said “Yes”

I said, “good enough for me to bill you?”

He said yea.

Must be one of those *arg dreams. Better than dreaming about shortfall risk…lol

Its not an official word. If you read the word loud, it should sound like a painful noise. Hard to explain :smiley:

hahaha teasing you. If *arg means some type of pain, it should be on the L3 commom acronyms list, which by the way is much much shorter than I thought. Thanks to the LevelUp Bootcamp for even pointing out one existed so besides these, you got to write everything else out?

What about FV, PMT, MDur, Dur, IR, Div, U/L, BM, etc? — CFAI needs to update their list.


I put 6 hrs of study in yesterday and was still able to go for a jog with my girl and watch an episode of Game of Thrones. start early and you’ll have no problem having a few escapes throughout the day

Haha Ill put in order in for you!