you should all read this.

Released today:

ouch… Just wondering how did these guys investigate? Does AnalystForum comply with requests to reveal identity of users?

okay that is nuts… Did you see, even if you give the appearance of looking at someone’s test, 5 years? I also recall things by looking up or side to side…looks like it will be face down the entire exam…

Well I’m sufficiently scared now. Five Year Suspension, Permanent Suspension, wow. Can someone elaborate on the scratch paper policy? Is this policy saying that I can’t solve formulas on paper or am I all wrong on this? How are you supposed to do anything even remotely arithmatic without paper???

what if u accidentally stretch or something ? 5 years ? 3 hours neck down…!!

Isn’t CFAI violating its own rules by revealing the identity of these guys publicly? I thought these proceedings were meant & supposed to be kept confidential.

apparently in 2015, it will be a violation to write the exam.

wait so when we post questions from the mock, are we getting in trouble? I’m going to start referring to questions as opposed to copying and pasting them. CFA candidates will know what i’m talking about and can access the material themselves. Better safe than sorry!

“apparently in 2015, it will be a violation to write the exam.” hahhhahahaha that’s gold

I read this and wow, the CFAI ppl surft the forum as well. Following the exam, two Level II candidates, Anurag Jain and Nana Kweku Nduom, used Analyst Forum, an internet chat forum, to contribute, solicit, and compile June 2009 Level II CFA exam content. The information was compiled into a spreadsheet and further offered to other candidates via the internet forum and other internet sources

if i was the CFA institute, i would create the analyst forum, so that i could control my subjects. i love how they log ip’s

these names seem face like the ones in teh questions

It makes no sense to reveal the names IMO…Just like other violations they could have said 2 persons banned for so & so… Besides why is CFAI so worried about last year’s questions being revealed? Do they plan to use the same questions? (like they did with this years mock :wink: :smiley:

is there anyother forum that holds similar discussions?

@canadiananalyst when you post questions online, your violating the standards of conduct, the fine print on every single (yes theres 120 or so) pages of the CFAI mock, and your also violating analyst form rules (its the first sticky in this form). So yeah, rather than copy and paste questions, refer to Q’s by #. That link you shared is very interesting. After you write the exam, DONT post anything on this form, or even talk about the exam in anyway since you’ve seen the trouble it can get you into. They are clearly monitoring this site. Hopefully they read our thoughts about the poorly written ethics questions lol :slight_smile:

In all cases , the accused was found guilty… CFAI always right? frankly all this is scary.imagine after all the hard work to have your exam results voided!!!

oh i see what you did there

I am still not clear on the ‘scratch paper’ policy. Are we allowed to take some plain sheets to write down anything or will CFA provide the ‘scratch paper’ to pen down any calculations? Some questions do need to be written down before they can be solved on the calc.

CFAI will provide you with all the scrap paper you need. No candidate has ever not passed on account of not having enough paper…

Hi Matt, My post re the mock referred to question numbers and didn’t post any questions. However, I posted snippets of the answer to assist the discussion. I was unaware that would be a problem. If that is not allowed, how do I edit or remove my post?