Your application is complete and has been successfully submitted. - Now what?

Indeed. Now what? Does anyone have an idea of how long it will take? I’ve heard it can take a few weeks?

theres a countdown… starting with 30+ days i believe.

Has anyone heard of anyone failing the application process? Is it possible to fail it apart from not having the appropriate experience…

I’ve heard they can bounce the application back to you and ask you to elaborate in more detail the work experience if they weren’t satisfied with the description. They also mention that a supervisor is “highly preferred” to colleagues. I hope that won’t be an issue, I had to ask three former colleagues to act as reference as my former supervisor cannot be trusted to provide a fair and honest reference.

I submitted my application yesterday and have refreshed the status page way too many times since…

Decision days remaining is blank. Why can’t I have a bit of patience?!?

I’ve done a bit of looking around, and apparently the work experience review part is done quickly, probably only in a few days. After that’s done, you are in the phase of society review, and that’s the part that will take a few weeks.

Did it today

But reference from 2 freinds (both charterholders) + 1 CFA Level 3 passed

But no supervisor/collagues, only professional reference

I hope that doesnt play spoilsport

I heard it takes a week minimum

Actually just found this on the CFAI website:

Status Definitions

Saved: Your application has been saved, but not submitted for review.

Work Experience Review: CFA Institute is currently evaluating your work experience. This can take up to 10 business days.

Under Review - Society: Your application is being evaluated by the society. Society review can take up to 30 calendar days.

Approved: Your application for membership was approved. Membership may need to be activated by paying dues and/or filing the Professional Conduct Statement.

Does anyone know if CFAI is going to contact a company to verify the work experience? This is rather relevant in my case since my relevant work experience is from my previous company, which everyone leaves on bad terms. The management team of that company would absolutely lie about my experience and professional conduct out of spite. In the worst case I would have to contact them with threats of a lawsuit for slander.

So basically lets sit back for a week for the workex approval

If you do not have the required 48 months of work experiece do you have to wait before applying??

You can apply for membership from the CFAI and local society (both which you pay for). But you will not be able to use CFA until you have 48months of approved experience. I would suggest you wait until you have your 48months, and then apply for membership and get your work experience approved all at the same time.

I guess after a 2.5 month wait for results, a couple of weeks to tick a box (for those with relatively uncontroversial work experience) should be manageable.

Phew! I am glad I am not the only one who dragged their feet on this application process…

you wait… and you drink…

I heard that it would take longer to get the charterholder after exam results, so I completed the application in July. It would have been VERY embrassing situation if I didn’t pass, but it only took about 3-4 days. As soon as I got the level III pass result, within a couple of hours, I saw “CFA” after my name.

Is it possible that CFAI approves workex , but local society disapproves /

Hi guys!

Congrats to everyone who passed! I’ve just submitted my membership application. How do you think, is there a chance that it will take less than expected 10 business days? Just curious about the process.


I submitted mine on the 11th when results came out. Superstition didnt let me apply befre the results.

Work experience has already been approved. Current status for both CFAI and NYSSA is " Under Review - Society". Decision days remaining is 28. I guess I sit and wait while sipping on scotch.

You cannot submit until all reference complete?

I requested references but two references are still pending. and I cannot submit it seems.