Your Favorite Beer

Since we are coming up on the weekend, I thought this would be a good topic. I am partial to wee heavy Scotch Ales and Belgian dubbles and triples.So here are my picks

McEwans Scotch Ale (McEwan’s Champion Ale outside the US)

Grimbergen dubble

I used to go for Stella, but I once had a strange tasting one and it totally killed my taste for them.

Now I just stick with Corona

Mexican: Pacifico

Seasonal: Thirsty Dog - 12 Dogs of Christmas / Barking Pumpkin

One of 'em: Kentucky Bourbon Barrel Ale

Cheap: PBR or Bud Select

I do like Christmas ales. I had one that was 10% ABV and it was so tasty I did not know it was so strong until too late…it ended up being a whole thing

So hard to choose…

Expensive Microbrews: Dogfish Head’s 90 Minute IPA and Midas Touch…they’re incredible.

Cheaper Microbrews: St. Arnolds (Houston brewery) is good, I just had their Spring Bock and it’s quite good. Shiner, another Texas brewery has some good beers. I like their Black Lager and holiday cheer.

Cheap Shit: Lone Star Light

Imperial or Imperial Silver.

Also, Spaten Optimator and Guiness (if it’s a good pour).

With time, I enjoy less and less beer and enjoy more and more hard liquor.

^ Haha.

Heineken for me hands down. And their brewery/museum in Amsterdam was saweet

Also Macs Hop Rocker Pilsner when I’m in NZL

IPA: Bell’s Two-Hearted Ale

Just enough hops, nice and smooth, best US IPA out there I think.

Imperial, Dos Equis, the very occasional Frambois Lambic, Chimay Red, Miller Lite as my staple, Stella Hoegaarden, Bintang, Sapporo, etc.

I travel a lot and when I was younger used to have a goal of becoming a beer connesiour and kowing a lot about all the various beers on taste. Shortly into it I realized that with a few exceptions they all basically tasted pretty similar to me.

Like former trader, I drink mostly liquor these days. When I drink beer, I prefer Spaten Octoberfest and Yuengling.

  1. Guinness hands down to enjoy the taste of a nice beer.

  2. Pilsner to remember my Prague days.

  3. Corona, Bud, or some other random sh!t just to be lubed up while grilling a steak, keeping Mr. Walker handy if needed.

If I’m in a decent bar, will generally go with Murphy’s Stout (a little less bitter than Guinness). Will go with Guinness if they don’t have Murphy’s. When buying bottles or if bar doesn’t have stout on tap, will usually go Sam Adams Boston Lager or Yuengling. Will throw in one of Sam’s seasonals now and then or try a local brew if I’m travelling. I used to try tons of different brews back in the day (had the empties from more than 200 until I got married), but I drink pretty rarely now so I don’t experiment much anymore.

i dont always drink my own piss, but when i do, its dos equis

Beer snobs always make me laugh

Tie for Dos Equis Amber and Newcastle

I like the cut of your jib.

I have no idea what they were, but the best beers I’ve ever tasted were in Germany. They were just so much tastier and better than anything I’d ever had before.

Here, I tend to like the Hefeweizener: Hoegaarden if it’s on tap, Blue Moon if it’s in the supermarket.

Wheat beers are great on a hot summer day; the darker ones (IPAs) are nicer in the winter.

My step-brother likes India Pale Ales so much he named his favorite turtle Ipa. That always makes me chuckle.

I don’t want to start a war, but I agree Dos Equis tastes pretty bad. It’s actually a really low grade beer marketed as a premium drink.

Blue Moon is a good one, haven’t had that in a while

Natty’s for me.