Your Favorite Beer

Fancy: I like the Gulden Draak barleywine.

Normal: Budweiser - highly underrated beer.

I once had this really dark, toasty, yeasty beer, tasted a bit like bread or Kvaas. Totally forgot the name…gah I can still taste it 4 yrs after the fact.

I really like their winter seasonal. The summer is pretty good too. My biggest problem is they always put Pale Moon in all of the sampler packs, I don’t really enjoy getting through those ones.


One Bourbon, One Scotch, One Beer.


The best rock/blues comes from the US South.

And while we’re there, we might as well add:





Light beer like Miller Lite has it’s place on a hot day in the sun (baseball game, whatever)


Coors Light

Rolling Rock

Pretty much all wheat beers

Pretty much all Sam Adams brews


Miller light when fishing with a bobber. Blue Moon elsewhere else. Or red stripe. Or new castle.

i like Arrogant Bastard ale

you guys are probably not worthy

Those who drink liquor. Do you guys just like drink it straight? I can’t do that, not nearly man enough. Maybe when i pass L3 and become a real man I’ll start doing that.

I drink 40s. OE and Colt 45 get me crunk. Wheres Daj on this one?

Try Bourbon, it goes down smoother than Scotch.

Vodka is pretty tasteless to me, and that’s when it’s good; I really don’t see the point of vodka other than to get drunk fast (Tequila is better for that anyway).

Cognac is meant to be savored, usually in the company of a HCB.

Good cachaça is nice straight up, but if it isn’t good, then it tastes like motor fuel (which perhaps it was).

If you ever make it to Sonoma County, CA there is a brewery called Russian River which makes some amazing beers. Make sure you take a cab though. Blue Moon is my grovery store beer. Add an orange and it is darn good for a Coors product. There is also a micro brew in Redlands, CA called Hangar 24. They have an orange wheat beer where they use oranges from the local orchards. Good stuff.

I know the area well. Have you ever tried Anderson Valley Brewery in Boonville? I know it’s north a bit from Sonoma. Also the Hopyard was pretty good when I lived out that way.

As a bonus you may run into Levi Leiphemer in the Sonoma area

Palantir you should try nice grappa for sipping, it is by far the smoothest and does not have the unpleasant afterburn of vodka or explosion in your belly as tequila

They have this stuff in the bottle in a few places where I live. I’m going to have to check it out, I like IPAs.

Rum and vodka always mixed. Whisky usually mixed, but if its good, like Makers or my new favorite brand, Bulleitt, on the rocks. It does take a while to get used to though. I like drinking (not shooting) good tequila straight.

Interesting ideas all.

What are some good imperial stouts?

I agree with BS though, most beers taste the same once you’re 3 sips in and you acclimate to the flavor.

I think you would change your mind about beers tasting the same if you tried either of the beers in my initial post. They can be hard to find in the US but recently Sam Adams have produced what they call “Imperial Beers”. Amoung them is something sort of close to the Mcewan’s I posted. It’s called Wee Heavy and uses peat smoked grain to produce a bit of a smokey flavor (much like some high end single malt scotch does - Lagavulin and Oban come to mind).

Watch out though since they can have 2-3x the alcohol than some beers. The Wee heavy from Sam Adams is around 10% ABV while bud is around 5%

I remember reading that Budweiser always wins the blind taste test at Bill Gross’ beer parties.

So many to mention, so little time:

I love microbrews of all sorts, some of the bigger names:

Magic Hat #9

Long Trail

Sierra Nevada

I also like cheap beer:

Coors Light

I love all Belgian Beer:

There are thousands

God I love beer.

I rotate between Guiness, Smithwick’s and Yuengling.

If none of those are available I’ll grab a Miller Lite.