Your role model ?

There is always this one person or lady (in public life) whom we look up to…who is your role model ?

Mine is Che Guevara and Genghis Khan

Sorry this caught my eye. As if ladies aren’t persons. lol

I think a role model has to be somebody that you see on a regular basis. People who died before you were born (especially a thousand years before) don’t count.

I am fascinated by people who look up to Che Guevara. What exactly do you find so inspiring about him?

honestly? never ever had one. Not coming from a ‘woe is me’ angle here, I’ve just never had anyone that I’ve looked at and thought ‘I want to be like them’

His face looks good on a t shirt?

My role model: Taylor Swift. Haters gonna hate, hate, hate, hate, hate

lol…my bad !

I have liked the way he stood up for his people…never bowed down under anyone or buckled under pressure…face of revolt…a true champion…

@ Greenman: I beg to differ…and dont buy ur theory

I don’t really have one that I’ve always looked up to. Despite having a good relationship with my father, he’s always been short on fatherly advice. He took a non-conventional path to becoming wealthy/successful, and he’s the type who can’t figure out why everyone just doesn’t do things his way. So, the closest thing I have to a role model has been a friends father that I’m close with. He’s a successful white collar type who has offered a ton of advice, support and generosity over the years. My friend is probably a disappointment given the head start he had on life, but his father has always been “fatherly” to our circle of friends. If my personal and professional life experiences the happiness and success that he has experienced, I’ll be doing alright.

So you admire his work at Guanahacabibes and La Cabaña?

I can’t say I have a role model, I’ve always cut my own path. I aspire to make the most of my time on Earth, not to be like any particular person.

I think Charlie Munger is the man!

Nobody is perfect…he may have had blood on his hands…the way he ran those kangaroo courts and executed many people is def condemned…but having said that, the way I look at people, is everybody has pros and cons…had certain good qualities and negative qualities…u jus need to pick up their good traits and move on…as simple as that

Interesting. Can’t say I can recall anyone characterizing the inclination to conduct mass execution, torture and rape as someone’s con or negative quality, but to each his own.

lol its a mixture of finance, heads of state, and tv personalities. napoleon, alexander, caesar (augustus, and julius), washington, carnegie, buffett, dalio and ackman (juss cuz of that 1 youtube vid),tywin lannister, maximus, qui gon gin, goku, that dude in parenthood.

Not one for ‘role models’ but there are perhaps two people that stand apart from the rest.

One was Nelson Mandela, how he managed to reconcile (at least on paper) the black and white population of South Africa with the kind of baggage they had where the white ruling minority preferred to be an international outcast rather than recignize black citizens as equals is one hell of a story. After being called a ‘terrorist’ at the start by Britain and being imprisoned for over 18 years for the crime of fighting for his freedom ,to come out and lead a nation and ensure that no blood was spilled in retaliation for past crimes is astonishing.

Gandhi is a strange one, he is held on higher platform outside his home country than in it where the general feeling is had arms been picked up the timeline for independence would have been much shorter but I suppose it is impressive that in a time of Hitler, Stalin and in a period of great violence he managed to show the hypocrisy of the British empire and remove the chains of colonialism simply by turning the other cheek. The fact the he served as some sort of pan-global leader for reigons that had been dismantled by white rule and his success led to the domino effect of large parts of Asia and Africa gaining freedom is quite commendable.

When asked for my biggest weakness in interviews I normally cite my jihadist tendencies, cruelty to animals and need to obsessively strive for perfection.

Probably my (male) dog. He lives the life I’m striving for. Gets to lay around all day, hump stuff, lick his own junk, urinates in public without getting stage-fright, and eats like a king. Sometimes he pretends to be active - chase a rabbit around the backyard - but I suspect he just does this to show off.

The guy is really living the life.

like ur honesty !