Zuckerberg Wedding

Is it just me or was everyone else’s first thought also “wonder if they got a pre-nup?”. I hate being cynical about marriage (I’m happily married with kids) but couldn’t help it in this case.


yeah because you know being a harvard-educated doctor and all she’s heading to a life of poverty.

CA is a community property state. I find it “interesting” that he waited until the stock went public before they got married.

Everything is relative

Harvard or not.

If you’re Mark Zuckerberg, why bother getting married?

Well clearly Zuckerberg has better goals in life, instead of screwing a lot of women

I wonder how many he screwed in his life. 3? i would go with the under.

Super focused people like Gates, Buffett and Zuckerberg have low sex drives, which permit them to put all their energies towards their true passions.


I imagine that Zuckerberg’s lawyers would have “forced” them to sign some kind of prenuptial agreement. A majority of Zuckerberg’s wealth is tied up in Facebook. A messy divorce could potentially give his wife some sort of influential stake in the company. I’m not sure how exactly it would work, but billionaire life probably has all sorts of rules and procedures that we don’t experience.

For the wife, this level of wealth would transcend personal materialism. You could probably buy whatever you want with say, $200 million. With billions of dollars, you might start thinking about your influence on the world. Imagine if you could just throw $1 billion into cancer research, space exploration, or some other thing that is important to you.

If he doesn’t have a prenup, he should be forced to resign because he is a moron. I would be shocked if he doesn’t have one though.

From an article on Yahoo! regarding prenups in CA.

"A prenuptial agreement in California typically states how spouses would divide assets in the event of a divorce. The couple usually waives the right to make claims based on community-property laws, which state that any property created after the marriage is essentially community property and should be split evenly after any divorce.

California is one of a handful of states with community-property laws. Most states rely on equitable-division rules, which give more flexibility to a judge in dividing assets."

community property rules… from L3

Also, he can use the completion portfolio to diversify over time, by adding securities to eventually get the market risk, and loss harvest.

Or use the public/private exchange funds.

Public: everyone brings in some low basis stock, lock in period, must have illiquid holdings, total taxes are only deferred, increased value with TVM

Private: usually has one other outside investor

Maybe ChickenTikka can give his $.02 on this as he seems he seems to be the resident expert on prenups. Let’s not forget his tall tale of his brother dropping a prenup on his bride to be five minutes before she was to walk down the aisle…

Actually, the first thing I wondered was why a young guy with tens of billions of dollars would choose her.

She’s not very pretty, and actually fat by asian standards…

Oh, but Zuckerberg is very smart about 1 thing. No Diamond Ring (obviously cause he knows diamonds will be worth nothing over the next decade)

“” The groom donned a dark blue suit, presenting Chen with a “very simple ruby” ring “”

Maybe because he feels he could trust her. That’s pretty valuable for him, something he may never be able to find now with his new fortune.

first she is asian, so you know she is not a gold digger…she will problably be a great wife and we should be happy for the guy…

zuckerberg has been burned by a lot of HCBs so tryign to step up to them now will look pretty pathetic…

i think the diamonds will hold its value better than the FB stock at the IPO price…

i would have personally gave KimK a call if anything…

Yeah the stock is getting kicked in the balls. Anyone think it will go below $30 in the near future? I would not be surprised. I am not going to get involved either way except to watch and comment on this epic fleecing of investors. What a disaster…

Like what?

This could actually be the cheapest way for him to screw lots of women in the future. Mrs. Zuckerberg (nee Chan) has been shacked up with her new hubby for a fair amount of time now. As a result, she would actually have some claim on the appreciation of his assets since the time they started living together (FB has increased in value considerably in the past couple of years). With the marriage, presumably accompanied by a prenup, the valuation clock starts at zero again.

honestly, i dont’ think money matters to this guy as much it you think…i don’t get the sense that is a greedy pig…of course he prices his IPO at the highest range, but its absurd/irresponsible to do so otherwise…