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CFA Level III Forum

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AnalystForum Test Prep Survey: Win a $500, $250 or $100 Visa Gift Card AnalystForum AnalystForum3 weeks ago
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Differences Between Ethics and Asset Manager Code Conduct? Gram Gram16 min ago
CFA 2017 - Official Mock - Scores Gurifissu 18 abashtavy21 min ago
Then make sure you did everything you could to prepare—enroll in a review workshop to ace it on exam day.
Ethics confusing Standards rohit_sachan 1 kevinsfl32 min ago
2015 PM Mock #23 Fixed Income Doppleganger 11 bigbclub37 min ago
Holding based style analysis is more effective about current style ? rohit_sachan 3 S2000magician2 hours ago
Do we need to write out the formula or label the numbers to get the points? - Charterholders inputs please? CFA 2015 16 N.VanCandidate2 hours ago
Taylor rule TIga 1 lyk2 hours ago
Need help with understanding delta - put options price change vs U/L price change - underestimate vs overestimate CFA 2015 4 Jsnazz3 hours ago
Effect of Yield Curve shift on convexity (question 8, part D in the 2013 morning session) 1030trader 6 h213 hours ago
CFA 2016 AM paper inchvbeam 5 rellison4 hours ago
How is your AM exam timing? nathanwinklepleck 9 BigGuy19804 hours ago
PBO vs. PV of Liability apuity 1 OS-284 hours ago
Decision Theory agbonline 7 bearface5 hours ago
Kaplan gets VaR wrong? CFAcation 3 JayWill7 hours ago
Answer like Schweser or CFA suggested? AlmostOver 2 googs14848 hours ago
Use of financial leverage in direct RE -> Advantage? jbct91 4 jbct918 hours ago
CFAI Mock AM Essay 2016 Q3-C velasje 3 velasje8 hours ago
Liquidity Calculations - Inflation studystudystudy 3 N.VanCandidate9 hours ago
What's your plan for the final week? jamesl1989 14 blackscholesvol10 hours ago
CFA1 Mock 2017 PM 15 16 Sunnydale case h21 1 Level3Tokyo11 hours ago
CFAI Mock AM - crushed Sparkmeister 19 N.VanCandidate11 hours ago
Are topic questions similar to mock exams? blackscholesvol 1 JayWill13 hours ago