Can't sell cakes based on personal morality, vests on the other hand...

I feel victimized.

Unless it’s bulletproof or part of a 3 piece suit/tux, I’ll never, ever wear a vest.


also, this thread could use a lot more chicks in yoga pants and uggs drinking a starbucks latte playing on an iPad. Just saying.

I started a thread on the whole midtown uniform thing, before it was a thing:

Pretty sure this one was first:​​​​

So what’s the deal? Are these men really that cold all the time? Some wear them all day long in the office.

Good point

great thread, tanks

Here’s my opinion - thank you for asking for it.

I couldn’t give two shits about what Chad wants to wear to the office. Now, I was previously on the side of the fence where I think all these douche bags wearing the vests looked really out of place (kind of like the socks and sandals look [which I LOVE btw]). And then Patagonia had to shove their self-righteous dik-faced “save the world” propaganda down Wall St. And now, well, I couldn’t be more on board with these vest wearers if I tried. But even though I’m very angry (aka jealous) at the fact that “Chad Mc’Dipsht” had his $300k/yr job handed to him by his parents, he is still my brother - and that’s fucking family in my opinion. And when Patagonia, wants to start shit with my fucking family, then I’m gonna back my ass hat brother up all day. So, I hope Wall St. keeps wearing these vests. I hope sales triple, and I hope the patagonia brand becomes the shining bastion of Wall St. Fashion TENFOLD what it already is in all of those meme’s. Because if they don’t want to crossbrand? Fine, we’ll crossbrand the fuck out of it anyways.

Thank you for your opinion, much appreciated.

I feel like I’d get hot wearing it or at the least, not feel any more/less comfortable than I am without one. Maybe my testosterone and/or body fat is too high.

I seem to only log into this place now to take the piss out of how americans dress.

These vest things have always seemed weird to me. They look awful, the wee branding bit is proper cheesy and are people not just warm all the time? I’m always too hot at work no matter what time of the year. Same goes for going to and from work.

Be blessed, invest in vests.

Think about it. Crack the code. There is a reason for all these vests.

Turd, is that you?

Pretty soon, it’ll be spring! Time to rock that short sleeve collared under the 'gonia.

Vests are so practical. During spring/fall I sweat like a little piglet in the subway and walking outside if I wear a jacket. And walking around in just your shirt when it’s 50F isn’t a great look. Vest is the perfect middle ground!

I’m wearing one of my Patagonia vests right now. And, I’m buying about three more before they’re out of stock.

I like my finance-bro uniform.

My toddler son has one of the below from a hand-me-down (they’re from Boston, go figure). Chicks dig it.

im going to buy one over the weekend. Because if you’re doing it, I’m doing it.