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Honestly, two DUIs? Completely unemployable IMO in any job that requires a check. I can see someone MAYBE looking the other way on one, but two? That shows such a high level of irresponsible behaviour that there is no way I would risk having that on my team. Every job has numerous qualified folks applying. One won’t be a felon x2. Maybe attitudes are different in the States. Dunno.

How long ago were they? A month ago? In back-to-back weekends? Or was it 20 years ago when you were a teenager?

OP said 5 years ago.

Sorry. Musta missed that one.


Dude, no one will f’in care. Several folks I’ve worked with have had several without issue.

Where is the line drawn on background checks? My friend’s friend apparently just got arrested and convicted for a felony drug possession (cocaine) (3rd degree) , but only got probation and has not been fired yet and doesnt know if his company knows about it or will know about it since he got arrested and bailed out over a weekend. Now he’s scared he can never look for another job again or even apply internally.

My other friend has two DUIs, both within the last five years and got a job at a commercial bank.

there’s an interesting interview question. if you had to, would you hire a guy with 2 DUIs or a guy with cocaine drug possession on his record?

gun to head, I’d probably choose the DUI guy

^ Would you hire either? There’s got to be a guy to do the job with a clean record. Like I said, one DUI, ok a mistake. Two? Come on.

Yes I just meant if you had to force me to pick between only those 2 people.

of course, both are serious red flags.

The guy with the “clean” record if he is single, is probably the guy out there doing all the wrong things just hasn’t gotten caught for it yet. Give me the guy with the drug possession on his record who has cleaned up and turned his life around.

Felony = no chance in finance career.

DUI, I’d lay a steep bet that many BSDs have gotten one without it having any serious hampering on their career.

There’s a big difference between a lapse in judgement in having one too many before hopping behind the wheel versus carefullly planning to illegally acquire and use cocaine. I know the CEO at my joint has a DUI. A coworker has 2. I’m sure plenty of others around the office have one but keep it quiet.

As one BSD I know said, “If was caught for half of the fk ups I had when I was 18-22 there is no way I’d be sitting in this chair.” when I confessed to my f up in that same age range.

@menpachi…did you get a felony? Did you serve jail time? Honestly speaking a lot firms will look the other way if it is over 10 years from the date of the crime if it is a major institution. Try and pursue a Certificate of Relief (closest thing you can get next to a pardon if you received a felony). You might need to suck it up and work in a different industry for a little while.

Did you not try to get the DUIs reduced to a lesser charge? Were you convicted of misdemeanor or a felony with the second DUI? According to FINRA, you are not allowed to be registered or licensed only if you’ve had a misdemeanor having to do with fraud, theft or illegal securities transactions within the last 10 years. Since you are a FA, I assume that you are in the clear. I think any felony conviction within the last 10 years would automatically put you out of the running. Other than that, I think then its just up to the institution if they want to hire you or not. I think if its shown as a youthful indiscretion and that you have matured, it may not hurt you as much as if you were in your 30s or 40s and getting charged with DUI. I think DUIs are far more common than they are made out to be, especially in today’s world of zero tolerance. Also, I think most people might be able to sympathize.

I think in some states a 2nd DUI is a felony, is it not? I think a 3rd pretty much always is.