Do you think nurses are heros?

I tried to make a poll, seemed complicated but anyways, after seeing a number of posts on my facebook feed, I’m curious what people here think… do you regard nurses as heros?

Yes, they’re heroes.

I do not share the sentiment but do agree they are doing more.

More that what (or whom)?

Serious question, not sarcastic.

Yes, 100%.

True story: my mom had some post-op complications after some cancer surgery that required the services of a specialist. We tried a few things, but no forward movement. The specialist turned to his head nurse and asked her opinion. She suggested something, which turned out to work. We also had nurses providing home care for her and they rocked!!


i wanted to be controversial but looks like BS beat me to it.

I think minimum wage workers are heroes. To think that unemployed people make 1k a week for free while minimum wage workers prolly make 300 while putting themselves at risk. How sad is that. Nurses doctors at least get compensated well. The government really messed up.

No. They are selfless and caring individuals who put the needs of others before their own, absolutely. I also think they deserve more compensation / benefits (wider availability of the Public Service Loan Forgiveness Program would be nice…).

But there are many selfless and caring people who don’t get paid for their contributions to society. That alone does not make them heroes (nor does Drs, firefighters, law enforcement, etc., who are just doing the job they signed up for).

Certainly some individuals in the profession are heroes for going “above and beyond” the call of duty. Florence Nightingale for example. Not everyone rises to that level of exceptionalism.

there are a lot of people doing essential work at the moment, including nurses, grocery store workers, truckers, post office employees, and many others

over in Paris (Hôpital de la Salpêtrière), the nurses took a break from dancing on Tik Tok videos to recreate Da Vinci’s Last Supper

SportBiker captured my sentiment

S2K: More than most right now, you have nurses in hard hit areas doing 100 hour weeks. Granted I do that regularly but I’m just tryna get paid, and frankly the emotional toll of their job is difficult. They are also doing more relative to their own historical basis.

That said, what I was getting at and what Sport Biker captured is that yes they deserve praise but by my own personal view (realizing others will disagree) regarding the term hero, that is a different standard.

You work 14 hour days 7 days a week regularly? Dios mio, amigo.

Anyone have a guess on what % of all nurses at the moment are working more than normal due to the coronavirus? That could influence my opinion, I’m still undecided. Also, are they paid hourly or base salary + bonus?

In the Deep South, ICUs are not at capacity (yet), so there hasn’t been any extra hours. In fact, the number of non-COVID patients is so low due to people delaying non-critical care, that my wife (an ICU nurse) got cancelled one day last week.

Pay schemes vary quite a bit. Some are hourly + shift differential (for FUBAR hours) + overtime. Some contracts are high hourly rates and restricted to no overtime. Nurses that are willing to travel make more. At the height of the NY outbreak, a 10 week travel nursing contract paid ~$5000/week + corporate housing.

It’s increasingly less frequent but I would say for the majority of the last 5 years it was relatively common.

If we’re including grad work (which I didn’t in the above) then I’d argue it’s been literally every week for the past 3 years. I’m busy mang.

my buddy made 150k as a nurse last year. thats pre coronavirus. anyways i fidn it hilarious that yall are hating on nurses on tik tok. if they have free time at work then let them do what they want. im pretty sure some of you are doing far worse things at home.

damn homie thats minimum wage for all those hours worked…ayyy caramba

Is what it is, I enjoy my work and entered 2020 making 6x what I was making when I entered 2010. Looking at it objectively I think the next 5 years have the potential for the strongest career acceleration, so I’m feeling fully engaged.