Female tattoos

Somebody on another thread posted that they like to flirt with a local chick who has tattoos.

I, for one, find tattoos on a female body to be very unattractive. Not long ago, I was in a Tilted Kilt in Denver, and 90% of the waitresses had tattoos. Not little cute ones, but gigantic ones that crawled down their back and sides and legs and stuff. I just think that ruins the beauty of an otherwise awesome female body. Tattoos are a turnoff for me.

Does anybody else agree or disagree?

Absolutely agree.

On the other hand, it cheapens otherwise unapproachable super-gorgeous women, so they are easier to flirt with.

Would also be interesting if people wrote where they lived. I personally am indifferent wrt tattoos. I like variety and think certain tattoos are sexy while others are ugly.

In Philly.

Agreed. Used to live in Philly.

I know a lot of college girls who got tattoos - I guess they want to show that they have “gone wild” or something. I am indifferent to most tattoos. However, I think certain kinds are distasteful. For instance:

  1. Random Chinese symbol

  2. Tribal pattern

  3. “IEV was here” (usually on certain body parts)

Also, small tattoo here and there is ok. If it’s tattoos everywhere, that’s a bit too much. Like my hipster neighbor who keeps blasting Metallica. Apparently, I have dog like super hearing that is both a blessing and a curse…

I hate tattoos.

small ones that have some sort of significance are okay but the people who pepper their entire body with them just look trashy

It depends on the size and location of the tattoo and also the girl.


My girlfriend has a tattoo on her side. She got it after we had been dating for a year, and I’m into it.

I think if the tattoo contrasts to a female’s displayed personality in a tasteful way, it is attractive.

Agreed. Nothing says, “Peace and Tranquility” like a Chinese symbol of peace and tranquility right above your ass crack.

I was with this woman 10 years ago. She was hot. I’m not in favor of cheating on one’s partner, because it messes a lot of stuff up, but I met this woman at a mutual friend’s wedding and was very tempted.

Flash forward 5 years. She had a rose tatooed on the back of her shoulder. Pretty. I kinda liked it, but I wondered whether it would look good when she was 50 or 60.

Flash forward another 5 years. Now she has her whole back painted like some tropical forest scene. It’s interesting, to be sure, but it’s not what I want to be looking down at in the middle of the night, and it’s not really that attractive anyway. Not sure what got into her, but she went all tatoo-crazy.

For some it’s an addicition where you always need to get another one. No comment on the other aspect of the story,

Wait, where is the cheating part? You cannot just mention that without further detail (it’s against AF policy).

If men, as a group, liked tattoos, then you would see more of them in Playboy or the Sports Illustrated swimsuit edition. This suggests that the people in charge think that they can sell more copies by hiding tattoos, when the models have them. This would be consistent with a world where for men who think tattoos are a turn-off, it is a really big turn-off, but other men do not care so much.

More often than not, I don’t like female tattoos. They are worse: 1) the larger they are and 2) the more they contrast with the color of the skin. For instance, a girl with a small tattoo on her hip, not so bad. Alternately, a dark skinned girl who gets a dark tattoo, not so bad. However, covering their whole body with tattoos or a pale girl with large, colorful tattoos is usually a turnoff. I’m more willing to tolerate a girls’ tattoo when they can tell a story about them and why they are important, rather than the tattoos where it is just on the same spot that they all get them and its for no real reason.

Personally, I don’t have any tattoos and don’t plan to get any. That’s likely driven by the fact that I’ve never been in the armed forces, I’m not a hyperbolic discounter, and think that I can express myself perfectly fine without permanently changing my body. Perhaps if I had tattoos, I might think they look better on women.

Damn it, I should have quoted it for posterity. [wolves howling]: *owoooooooo … owoooooooo*

Now the bad part is he may ban us right away to bury the story… Wait, what if Frankie and bromion saw something similar too and that’s why never came back?

Ballerina girl could have been part II.

tattoo means she’s probably been around the block several times.

Why did my post get deleted?

my opinion on female tattoos is why would you ruin a nice artwork with a ugly frame. but from experience the fatter/uglier a girl is the likelihood of her having a stupid tat (ie. butterfly bullseye on the lower back) grows exponentially.

I absolutely despise tatoos on women and it is pretty much an instant deal breaker for me.

Guys I could care less (my brother has a bunch).