That man gets it.


I sometimes make my own guacamole. With cilantro and fresh squeezed…lime juice. :wink: :stuck_out_tongue: It sometimes only takes me 2-3 minutes. :wink: :stuck_out_tongue: :smiling_imp:

I’m at a meeting right now; lunch is Mexican themed!!! :+1:

Have no idea why this song popped into my head today. But once it’s there, it stays there for a while.

it was mexican independence day yesterday. viva libertad

i dont really like indian food. i’ve tried it. the only thing i like is tikka misala. its above average, but i wont go out of my way for it. i hate anything soup based / currystyle.

lol to be fair, i eat anything. i just know that some food im just ok with it, nothing i crave. when i say i dont like, i really just mean, im ok with it. like mexican or indian food. french food i dont like and its super expensive, but supposedly, it’s what most peopel consider as the best type of food there is, so its prolly cuz i lack class. i do like italian food. my favorites are bbqs. korean, brazilian, japanese, thai, filipino.

haha i know what you mean. for most americans, spanish is the mots practical.

but if ur a rich dude, i think learning french makes more sense.

Geographically, or incendiarily?


Anyone who would ever say rude things about Mexican food, ain’t a real American.

agreed, masala dosa is essentially an indian burrito and produces similar gastrointestinal effect.

What’s rude?

I love Mexican food and I love Indian food.

For anyone who would look for the link… Funny indeed.

I was saying that pre-emptively in anticipation of other posters who might have tried to say Mexican food is anything less than G.O.A.T food.

Not directed at you.

agree on how anyone can say masala dosa is like a burrito, seriously? haha

I guess I kind of feel bad for people who don’t have bullet proof iron stomachs like myself. People talking about taco bell giving them stomach problems… I don’t get it but I do feel sorry for people who can’t even handle processed food mostly made in a factory environment.

Happy Hour in the hotel lobby!!! They have a spicy crab ceviche aaaaaand… GUACAMOLE!!! :heart: :+1: :grin:

^when you got guac you got guap

(Whachu doing?) Nothing chilling at the Holiday Inn! (Who you with?) Me and my peeps thought you’d bring over your friends

That is one of those delicacies I’d like to be able to afford on the reg someday. Fancy cars, nice homes, and designer flip flops are not all that motivates me to get wealthy - it’s just as much about the finer foods too.

I want that WholeFoods Money.