I get about 5-6 avocados, mash lightly ( I prefer a chunky version), and add lemon juice, salt and sometimes fresh cilantro. I have also made a version with minced shallot.

No jalapeño?

No cumin?


I have some picked jalapeño in the fridge. Mebbe I’ll give it a shot next time!! :slightly_smiling_face: :avocado: :hot_pepper: :yum:

Over the weekend I pickled some Carolina reaper chilies I grew in my garden.

You could use a suspicion of the brine from those chilies to add punch to your guac.

Chipotle has started charging 25 cents for burrito sides. What a year 2020 is turning out to be!

2 out of the 10 bagger I bought were :poop: :nauseated_face:; the rest made for some nice guacamole!!!

That can’t be. If you order via app. You can order extra for no extra cost!! I just did it a week ago.

haha yea just noticed that last week when i was at chipotle for first time in a year

ohh i always get rice bowl. and order the tortilla on the side.

America’s appetite for avocados is helping to fuel the Mexican cartels, but giving up guacamole isn’t the solution

I had no idea he loved avocado this much. And frankly, you’re now my all time favorite poster in this place Breadman.

Put a little on a gently toasted slice of bread nestled atop a thick portion of cream cheese my dude.

Unlike you young bucks, an old timer like me needs healthier fats. That’s why I’ve been hitting the avocados, walnuts, almonds, olive oil, etc. hard! :older_man:

Everyone needs mono/poly-unsaturated fats.

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