6 avos for less than $2? Where you shop at bro, La Tienda?

For that input cost, you should open a guac-focused food truck. Guac tacos, guac chips, fried guac pellets… Well maybe that last one is more like fair food.

$1.88 :canada:!!!

Is La Tienda down in the States??? Obligatory “Ay, mijo!!!”

No, I was just making a generalization for Hispanic food markets as opposed to Lawton’s / Coppas / Kroger / Wally World. In retrospect, it could be seen as dismissive and disrespectful. I apologize to any Hispanic board members for my insensitivity.

Not sure if real or a joke. :man_shrugging:

We bought some pre-made guacamole to use with some smoked salmon and sushi rice: wow, it was spicy!!! :-1: :hot_pepper: :hot_face:

$2.99 :canada: for a bag of 6 small, green, rock hard avocados!!! Gonna give 'em 3-4 days next to some bananas!!!

Avocados ripened nicely!!! I had some sliced avocado on toast for brekkie!!! :yum:

ETA: And I just made some fresh guacamole!!! :yum:

The avocados were too ripe: I’m getting that yucky grey layer far too quickly on my guacamole. :nauseated_face:

$1.87 :canada: for a bag of 5 green, rock hard avocados!!! :+1:

I still have lots of cilantro to use up!!

ETA: Success!!! :yum:

My wife makes that stuff for me. It’s awesome

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$1.88 :canada: for a bag of 6 green, rock hard :avocado: !!! Got a bunch of cilantro too!!! It’s gonna be guac in 4-5 days!!! :yum:

You’re kicking the supply chains butt

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