IF YOU PASSED, when are you able to use the credentials

I was under the impression that we need to receive notification from CFAI on being awarded the charter before using the credentials. I have submitted all references, payments, and am a member of the institute.

When I log in to the CFAI website, I see the CFA credentials following my name in the top left.

If you passed, are you seeing the same thing? I am curious if this means that its been awarded without communication. Either way, I am not going to use the designation until I am notified. I am more curious if others are seeing the same.

As soon as you see your name on the member directory followed by the “CFA” letters, you are good to go!!

Good point! I searched and found myself, and it says awarded the charter on Tuesday when I received my results. I suppose since everything else had been in place aside from membership payment, it was processed immediately.

Started using them within an hour of passing, the second it was reflected on the website.

I was already an affiliate member and was all paid up on dues but didn’t submit an application until after I got results. I easily have the work experience and believe it has already been approved. My current status is under review and it says they have like 28 days left to review. Anyone know how long it typically takes at this time of year?

Would also like to know. It says they’ve approved 58 months of work experience, so I assume that’s settled. Waiting on my local society which looks like it hasn’t approved my work experience yet.

To my surprise, CFAI and NYSSA both approved my application this morning. I started it on the 9th, submitted it yesterday as my references responded promptly. Paid dues and now I see my name with CFA at the end of it. I just stared at it, its finally over.

That’s encouraging. I submitted my application this morning. It would be great to be awarded the charter by the weekend! I was expecting a turnaround time of a few weeks.

Mine is on the right, but I saw it roughly two hours after I received the email. But I applied (recommendations and experience approval) two weeks before test results

Need 9 more months of experience. Weird thing to complain about amongst the sea of failure posts in this forum but man, it doesn’t feel like it’s over yet. Maybe in 9 months they’ll say my experience/references/whatever isn’t enough and I’m still letterless. I guess it’s unlikely, but it’s a non-zero chance and I don’t like uncertainty.

i submitted my application with the 3 references the night of the exam result and was suprised to have it approved more or less 12 hours afterwards

I got access same day, genuinely stunned for a few seconds just staring. 4 years in the making.

initially went on the expectation of a 15-20 day process. I submitted to CFAI yesterday and they approved nearly instantly. Now y’all got me all anxious checking my status every hour for society’s approval!


Work experience has been approved. My application is under review by a local society.

When do I need to pay membership fee? how to pay? I could not find any link to pay the fee. Anything else I have to do while waiting the approval by local society? Also, does CFAI mail a paper certificate?

Thank you for your help.

in my case i think it may have bypassed any local society followup…that said, i received a standard email from CFAI congratulating me on the work approval and directing me to activate my membership…presumably you have already received such an email OR will receive one once your local society confirms your experience…the content of that email is self explanatory, through links, and clarifies all the questions youre asking…in other words don’t worry about doing anything until youre told to

Thank you for the reply. Society is supposed to review maximum “30 days”;-(

One more quick question.

Does CFAI put a paper certificate into mail so we can frame it?

id like to think there is but i haven’t received any info on this yet…it could be a whole award ceremony via the local society or just a document sent in the mail one day…unless im way off i’m imagining a ceremony similar to an induction into the cosa nostra with burning playing cards, drops of blood and gabagool…

Had applied for membership eons ago and had it approved. Simply left the “activation” pending. Not giving them $225 until they gave me my L3 Pass.

Got results. Paid membership. Logged out. Logged in. Name, CFA.

I’m under the impression you do receive a paper charter, but no ceremony. On the CFAI’s website it had a receiving your charter section, but it seems to be gone now. My thought is they are already printing and mailing them. I probably won’t get it framed like my undergrad, but it’s a cool idea they give them. I’m ok without the Cosa Nostra ceremony.

You will receive your ‘Paper Charter’ in 6-8 weeks. Mine will most definitely be framed and upon the wall in my office alongside other qualifications & awards. Personally, this one means the most. It certainly took the most effort, time, dedication and sacrifice.