Dude with the Confederate flag arrested in Delaware.

Dude who threw a fire extinguisher at law enforcement arrested in Pennsylvania. Felony charges, I believe.

Unfortunately, the guy that’s responsible for it all is still walking free.

Dude who was in the Senate chamber arrested by FBI in Alabama. The complaint affidavit linked below makes for interesting reading.

Dude who beat a cop with a flag pole - with American flag - arrested by FBI in Arkansas.

George soros connection?

Vice President Pence meeting with National Guard troops, who are now posted in Washington to protect our capital against right-wing crazies inspired by Donald Trump.


This dude is the guy who took a video - excerpted by WaPo among others - that had a view of Ashli Babbitt getting shot.

Blue lives matter?
Will Sommer (@willsommer) Tweeted:
A DC police officer swarmed by the Trump mob recalls them yelling "Kill him with his own gun!”

Brutal story on DC police defending Congress:

Hey, I just learned a new word: affiant!!! :face_with_monocle:

This twitter feed is posting affidavits of the arrested.

ProPublica has a clip taken from Parler that shows the mob confronting Officer Eugene Goodman.

Proud Boy arrested by FBI. Here’s the affidavit.

Lol the damage in blm was far more than what the election protests did. The argument for election fraud is ridiculous because it wasn’t even close. But Nationwide protests over a single death is a bit ridiculous too. Granted I get the argument for both, mail voting favors democrats and for the blm it wasn’t really just one death. It was just the catalyst of the whole thing. Anyways both dumb. Can you all just not care about politics. That ■■■■ boring.

Oh I strongly disagree.

There was a coup attempt in the United States this week. The transfer of power hasn’t been peaceful. Our democracy is in danger. All that risk for a fraud like Donald Trump.

Both sides, right?