Relationship problems anyone?

Its almost 20 days after exam day, and my gf is still upset with how much I ignored her in the month of May. I’m not giving up for this relation. So I’ll be convincing her everyday to get things back to normal.

Is anyone else in this situation?

My .02 - There will be worse things in your life than a CFA exam. If she’s going to act like a drama queen over something so trivial, and for three weeks, maybe you should find yourself another chick.

Interesting! Mine is actually mended now. She sought attention that I could not provide at the peak of exams preparation. While I tried to persuade her that this exam is not that easy, it did not sit well with her that I was studying too hard and ignoring my other responsibilities. Sometimes, the difficulty and preparations involved in this exam is difficult to explain, especially, in addition to the weight of full time employment.

With a little more work, I am sure she will back to normal. Just keep trying to be a changed man :wink:

What I did, and what I explain to folks is that, one must endeavor to explain the complexities of the exams in detail to your loved ones before making the choice to sit the exams in the first instance.

All the best and be a good man.

+1 …

How old is she?

My wife has been a single parent for 5 months of each of the last three years to two young kids. Anyone with kids knows how hard it is to raise them… dress them, feed them, play with them, teach them, bathe them, read to them, put them to bed. She made my dinner every night so I could eat and go study after work. She let me sleep in on Saturdays and Sundays because she knew that being well rested was a better way to study all day during the weekends. She never complained, always prayed for me with the kids so they understood that daddy was working hard, and encouraged me to keep pushing through it.

So ask yourself this… is your gf marriage material?


My girlfriend was giving me shit about working and studying too much back in March, so we broke up. If she’s so short sighted that she can’t see that it was a sacrifice you were making for yourself and potentially for the both of you if you end of getting married, then on to the next one.

Thanks guys for your responses. I hope things get better between us. I’ll give some more time for this relation.

My left hand never said a word while I was studying.

i don’t know your relationship to comment but i do know a lot of people turn into monsters and get very aggravated during their studies and perhaps you did more than just ignoring her during the month of May?

it’s important to give each other’s space when needed. Even if she means the world to you, it doesn’t necessarily mean you have to put your needs on top of everything else in every waking moment.

Keep trying to talk to her about it, if it doesn’t work, try to give her some space to reflect.

This is time to celebrate and i’m sure if she sees you’re having fun she may want to join you!

This post reminded me of a different post where a candidates gf joined AF just to post a message asking for advice as to what she could do to support her bf who was studying for L2:

cruizer101 - You are an adult, and I’m sure you aren’t going to change your outlook on things based on any of these posts. But I completely agree with several others who commented earlier. When you first get involved in a relationship, things are usually near perfect. You are soulmates and everything seems like it was meant to be. But as time goes by, things start to change.

I’m curious how long you’ve been together? If you are a Level 3 candidate and she’s just bringing this up now, I’m guessing less than a year. Otherwise you would have already been through this in the past.

So, for somone you’ve been with for less than a year to give you a hard time about studying for this test… and continuing to go on almost 3 weeks after the test… that does not sound reasonable to me. In life there are real challenges. If you are ever planning to have children, that adds a whole new dimension to the challenges. This test is a short term obsicle. By now, it should be an obsicle that is behind you.

Perhaps she felt neglected when you were studying. But if she’s still holding on to that… that’s not a very good sign.

Hate to hijack, but this was my girlfriend and I knew it all along (though she was unaware I knew til I came home from the exam) - watched that thread like a hawk and I appreciate all the contributions from the forum. I’m quite fortunate.


I tried to get her to give you and old fashion…

Did she do any of the stuff that we suggested?

Yea man, she made life (relatively) easy in the final weeks - if I were giving similar advice, I’d just list the things she did.



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