Schweser or Curriculum book?

Can anyone tell me whether it is sufficient to study from Schweser books only or are CFA curriculum books necessary for preparation?

Does anyone know people who have only studied Schweser books and cleared CFA Level 3 Exam?

Is it true that if I prepare from Schweser books, I will be 80-90% prepared?

These should help you find the answer. In short, there are people who have done either and passed. (and failed).

Good luck!

I would choose both books… Read Schweser first… then do Blue boxes and EOC questions and if you felt that you haven’t answered the questions properly or didnt get a grasp from the material then go to the CFAI book for references…

No, you will be 100% prepared. The curriculum is a joke, impossible to comprehend with all the wasted extra stuff

What Rogue Trader said.

You need the CFAI curriculum for L3. Period.

Schweser is good as an introduction but does not cover 100% - maybe 80%, and the exam questions can definitely come from the 20% it omits.

schweser is fine as long as you do all cfai blue box + cfai eoc + cfai mocks of previous 5 years

^ Yup.

Don’t take shortcuts. Put in your hours, you won’t regret it when you get to enjoy Memorial Weekened for the rest of your life.