Texas election - White guy wins after leading voters to believe he’s black

What does the AF bretheren think of this interesting campaign strategy? He wound up beating a 20+ year incumbent in the election for a board seat of one of the school districts.

“As a conservative white Republican running in a district whose voters are overwhelmingly black Democrats, the odds seemed overwhelmingly against him. Then he came up with an idea, an advertising strategy that his opponent found “disgusting.” If a white guy didn’t have a chance in a mostly African-American district, Wilson would lead voters to think he’s black…His fliers were decorated with photographs of smiling African-American faces – which he readily admits he just lifted off websites – and captioned with the words “Please vote for our friend and neighbor Dave Wilson.””


I think this is hilarious and just goes to show that voters don’t do their own homework. This guy tried to run for mayor a couple of years ago, a quick Google would have turned up who he is.

Goes to show you that reverse racism is alive and well in this country. God Bless America

Cue the VOTE FOR ME thread…we need a means test for voting to keep dumbasses like this out of our democracy. It kills me that the dumbass crack addict (no felonies) on welfare without a Top 2 MBA has the same weight as I do when it comes to laying a vote for elected officials.

We should just call it what it is, racism, not reverse racism.

Sorry, I was being politically correct. I gotta get out of this country. I am tired of all the BS; Kanye and Kim Kardashian, Miley Cyrus, Obama Care, racial tension, Mass public shootings, gangs, violence, poverty in the inner-cities, people constantly looking for handouts from the governement…This has by far got to be the most declining place in the developed world. The only good thing I can think of to come out of America lately was Breaking Bad.

Excuse you? Just wait 'til December 18, 2015!


I’m coming with you little cubby! Fck the U-ASS-A! I used to think my next move would be to Texas as a nice oasis/halfway point should I go through with renouncing my citizenship. But not after this election…


Cue BARSTOOL ECONOMICS. When you p!ss off the rich folks, they’ll go play & pay in another sandbox.

Saverin, 30, may have made the move for tax reasons, hoping to avoid the highest rates before Facebook goes public. Although born and raised in Brazil before moving to the United States in 1992, he now lives abroad in Singapore. According to a spokeswoman, Saverin actually renounced his citizenship last September, but the information didn’t become public until Bloomberg reported that the IRS released his name on April 30.

Move up http://i.forbesimg.com t Move down

Saverin would not be the first billionaire to renounce citizenship for tax purposes. John Dorrance III, heir to the Campbell’s soup fortune, cashed out of the family business when he sold his 10.5% stake in 1995-1996. Dorrance renounced his U.S. citizenship and moved to Ireland prior to the sale. John Fredriksen, oil tanker tycoon, jumped ship out of Norway in favor of tax-friendly Cyprus. Brazilian Lily Safra, widow to banker Edmond Safra, ditched Brazil for Monaco.

Other billionaires have left their homeland for non-tax reasons. Bidzina Ivanishvili, who wants to become prime minister of Georgia, renounced both his Russian and French citizenships to curry favor with voters. Ted Arison, deceased father to current billionaires Micky and Shari Arison, left the U.S. for Israel in 1990.

Saverin doesn’t cite tax reasons for his decision. “This was done many months ago and had nothing to do with the IPO,” said spokeswoman Sabrina Strauss.

“Eduardo recently found it to be more practical to become a resident of Singapore since he plans to live there for an indefinite period of time,” said Strauss, in a statement provided to Forbes. “He has invested in Asian, U.S. and European companies. He also plans to invest in Brazilian and global companies that have strong interests in entering the Asian markets. Accordingly, it made the most sense for him to use Singapore as a home base.”

The US can’t be all that bad if you guys are still here.

Obama did the same thing for the presidency.

@CvM - In order to be fair, I don’t feel too sorry for mf’s when they complain about having to pay a few million in tax.

I had to listen to somebody btch the other day in my office because their tax bill was $300k. I realize that it’s my duty as a CPA to lower somebody’s tax bill as low as I legally can, but at some point I just want to telll them to shut up. After all, they still made over a million dollars.

I can only hope that someday I have to pay $300k in income tax for one year.

Agree Greenie. I wish I had a tax bill of $1m for long term capital gains. Maybe someday.

While the US isn’t perfect, it’s pretty good. I just hope the devolution of society doesn’t keep on going as it is.

His opponent is actually quoted as saying “He never put out to voters that he was white”. Can you imagine if a white republican male lost to a homosexual and complained that “He never put out to voters that he was homosexual.”

I wonder if being gay can actually cost someone an election in this day and age.

Who am I kidding? The only area in the US more conservative that West Texas is probably Provo, Utah. Being gay should be banned. Thus sayeth my infinitely wise federal representative.


^ Dafuq? Why does a candidate need to disclose what color they are? Serves TX right given far too many voters were too lazy to read a fcking article on the man they voted for. What a crock of sht. Someone needs a whamburger stat!

It’s amazing how dumb the herd is…

Is socialist Europe better?

In a lot of ways I would say Yes. #1 Europe is not completely socialist. There are plenty of people who are european capitalists. # 2 They don’t have near the crime, race problems, and other bull sh!% that goes on in this country. I used to live in Europe, Spain to be exact, and I could walk down the street at 4:00 am and never worry about getting mugged or shot. In the US, I worry about that all the time. There are many good things about the USA, but I would say we are in a steep decline.

The way I figure it, if the electorate are ignorant, stupid, or oblivious enough not to know the race (or political party, or stance on abortion, or whatever) of the candidate for whom they’re voting, they deserve whom they get.

Frankly, I hope that this guy represents his electorate faithfully and gets reelected. How’d that be for justification?

See the thread on “Why I Don’t Vote”. And why most other people shouldn’t vote either. Because they’re ignorant dumbasses.

Often, willfully ignorant.