Level III Topics by CFAI Study Session

One of my favorite features of the new site is the ability to “tag” topics using one of the CFAI study sessions. For example, if you post a topic on ethics you can select Study Session 1: Code of Ethics and Standards of Professional Conduct so that your topic will show up in the filter for that study session. This will allow you and other members of AF to quickly access posts for a specific study session. To tag a new topic with a study session, simply choose that study session from the Filed Under categories above the Save button on the new forum topic page.

I’ve filed this topic under Study Session 1 to use as an example. You can see the Filed Under link on the right side of the page for easy access to all other topics filed under Study Session 1. To access topics by a specific study session, please use the following links: Study Session 1: Code of Ethics and Standards of Professional ConductStudy Session 2: Ethical and Professional Standards in PracticeStudy Session 3: Behavioral FinanceStudy Session 4-5: Private Wealth ManagementStudy Session 6: Portfolio Management for Institutional InvestorsStudy Session 7: Applications of Economic Analysis to Portfolio ManagementStudy Session 8-9: Asset Allocation and Related Decisions in Portfolio ManagementStudy Session 10-11: Fixed-Income Portfolio ManagementStudy Session 12: Equity Portfolio ManagementStudy Session 13: Alternative Investments for Portfolio ManagementStudy Session 14: Risk ManagementStudy Session 15: Risk Management Applications of DerivativesStudy Session 16: Trading, Monitoring, and RebalancingStudy Session 17: Performance EvaluationStudy Session 18: Global Investment Performance Standards

Hello - I think this is helpful if it’s used. My thoughts: 1) No incentive to tag your own post. In fact, it may only limit the number of responses you get. 2) User may be posting a question on a review problem, and may not know the exact study session. Incorrect tagging is just as bad or worse than not using the tags at all. 3) If tags aren’t used consistently, using the current search tool or browsing posts will find items that wouldn’t be found if only relying on the tags 4) Historical posts aren’t tagged (this problem should go away over time) 5) Some posts cross over multiple study sessions. I’m not sure if it’s possible to allow multiple tags. So, I suggest: 1) Award extra points for correctly tagging your post 2) Award points for tagging someone else’s post that is not tagged [this may not be possible right now] 3) Allow tagging and searching for tags using a drill-down menu *at any level* 4) Allow multiple tags for a given post. 5) Perhaps get a moderator at each level to tag posts and/or confirm tags. 6) Add tags for non-study session posts and require your post to be tagged. Perhaps you can even include tags that would be relevant across the different levels. So, by searching a tag and a specific forum, use can drill down to the data he/she is looking for. Some of the non-study session type posts come up regularly. For example: - Study materials - Mock exam - Just For Fun - Motivation - Results - Conduct violation - The Legend of qqqbee *Drill down* For example, someone should be able to tag a post at any level: Equity Portfolio Management Study Session 12: Equity Portfolio Management LOS: 28: Corporate Governance 11.28.b: b. evaluate explicit and implicit incentives… Someone in the forum who searches for Equity Portfolio Management would find anything tagged Equity Portfolio Management (SS11 or SS12). Alternatively, the user should be able to easily retrieve posts tagged Corporate Governance without having to sort through all posts for SS 12. One last though, you may want to make it easier to navigate to a post that is tagged… rather than having to require the user to navigate to this post or even bookmark all of the links. For example, add this functionality to the “Advanced Search” link. Thank you.

this is amazing , thank you :)))


Question what are the biases of the NAREITs benchmark ?

Wow. Way to stay pertinent

Hope some admin can tag the popular threads to a specific Study Session if the op forgot to classify the thread.

I can do that, and I am … whenever I can…

That would benefit more people. Thanks again.

I have a question!

Is there any limit on number of bookmarks one user can have?

I bookmarked many good posts now I can not find them under “My Bookmarks” tab…

Is the bookmarking working? I have 3 bookmarks and can’t add any more bookmarks!

i am new to the forum. How do i post a question under say Asset Allocation topic?

Welcome to AnalystForum! Please select a forum level and then you can tag your post with a “filed under” tag that corresponds with a study session.

I am having a tough time figuring out how to tag it to the appropriate topic. any help pls?

Just choose the study session from the drop down where I’ve highlighted in red.

I dont see the red box at all. I am using Firefox and IE7.

ignore…I found it.

Yes, that’s a good question. How to add or correct a tag if it was incorrectly set initially?

for instance I just posted on this thread, which should be tagged as “Study Session 3: Behavioral Finance”, while it is filed as “Level III”.

Hahaha, perfect. Exactly what i was thinking

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